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Our teams are currently set by age population, with one sector A-Team.  Read below for the latest information: 

  • Ready A-Team (Pre-K):
    The READY A-Team had its kickoff meeting on Monday, May 21.  We have a strong team of 20 members representing six counties, chaired by Neva Bandelow (ACOE) and Julie Nicholson (West Ed).  The team will convene on the 3rd Monday of each month, from 1-3 PM.
  • Get Set A-Team (Elementary + Middle):
    The GET SET A-Team is in the formation stage, currently identifying and inviting team members.  We are currently looking for chairs for this team. 
  • Go A-Team (High School):
    The GO A-Team, chaired by Rich Schneck and new co-chair Courtney Riley, met on Friday, May 25th at the Oakland Chamber of Commerce to continue to learn about the Alignment process and the future of our work together.  Since this meeting followed the Executive Board meeting, there was discussion of the theme of equity as the root of what we will be doing.  In a focused conversation, we discussed the current state of high school youth in the Bay Area and will follow up with a consensus workshop where we will determine the strategic direction of the team.  The Go A-Team meets in the mornings on the 4th Friday of the month.  
  • Succeed A-Team (Post-Secondary):
    The SUCCEED A-Team, chaired by Dr. Stacy Thompson, had its kickoff meeting in April, and continues to meet monthly on a Monday, from 7:30 – 9 AM. Our next meeting will be June 4 held in the Rotunda Building in Oakland. We are currently seeking an industry partner for the co-chair position, and nominations are welcome!
  • Engage A-Team (Opportunity Youth): 
    The Engage A-Team is off to a great start! We met initially in March, where we spent time establishing rapport among the members, revised our principles of teamwork, and reviewed the proposed timeline for how we will work together. In April, we were hosted at AC Transit by one of our members. At this meeting we participated in a focused conversation to answer How can we ensure that opportunity youth in the Bay Area LIVE, LEARN, EARN, and THRIVE? This conversation was rich and helped to propel us to our next step--a consensus building workshop. In our May meeting, we partook in a consensus building workshop (The Future State of Opportunity Youth in the Bay Area) that yielded clear goals we desire to meet in the next 3-5 years to serve opportunity youth. In June, we will begin looking at the barriers to achieving the goals we reached in May. Our hope is to also begin to strategize about how to remove those barriers. The Engage A-Team meets every 3rd Wednesday from 1-3 PM.  

  • Surpass (BA / Graduate school):
    This team is proposed and currently under construction.
  • Health Career Pathway A-team (Sector A-Team):
    The Health Career Pathway A-Team has met twice and is integrating Alameda Health Care Pipeline Partnerships and East Bay Workforce Partnerships committees on Work-based Learning and Jobs.  The first part of the Health Career Pathway retreat led us to think deeply about the six areas of work:
    • Policy & Advocacy (what policies/advocacy do we need to put in place to promote health pathways); 
    • Barriers in Employer Work Session (for example, employer imposed pre-requisites to employment);
    • Workforce & Data Tracking;
    • Job Internships & Work-based Learning ;
    • Communication Systems (communication between us and out into the community, websites/newsletters);
    • Essential Skills (work-ready skills, soft skills, social-emotional skills)