Opportunity Youth:
Ensuring all youth are part of regional success.

team information


The Engage A-Team is comprised of several R4 Consortium members, and other youth service providers, who work specifically with Opportunity Youth. Defined as youth ages 16-24 years old that are disconnected from education and careers, Opportunity Youth have challenges that are unique. The team has been meeting monthly since March 2018 to shape its strategy and goals to address these specific needs. The Engage A-Team continues to push forward to address The Future State of Opportunity Youth in the Bay Area.

strategic directions

The team formed a set of strategic directions after a consensus workshop asking the question “What do we want to see for opportunity youth in the Bay Area in the next 3-5 years?”


To further inform the chosen strategy for the next year, and to ensure that the strategic directions were in line with youth in the Bay Area, the Engage A-Team also held two consensus workshops with youth in Oakland and Alameda.

The Engage A-Team landed on the following strategic direction to focus on in their first tactical plan:

Increase coordination and usage of wrap-around services 
to encourage participation in STEAM.

View the other strategic directions in this document.

tactical plan

Link Community Based Organizations serving Opportunity Youth to STEAM Employers 
in order to increase coordination of wrap around services. 

Target Population: Youth ages 16-24 out of school and work or enrolled in
Court, Community or Continuation schools.


This fall, the Engage A-Team is launching their first Invitation to Participate (ITP).

Team Chairs


LaShonda Taylor

Alameda County
Office of Education


Shemila Johnson-Hendrix

Northern Alameda
Adult Education Collective

Team Representation