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Elementary - Middle School:
Building strong foundational knowledge
and skills

team information


The Get Set A-Team is dedicated to increasing science education for children aged 5-14.  Our members come from the K-8 extended day educational community, including non-profits and science centers, as well as providers of professional development for educators and administrators.  

Team vision

Students are college and career ready and able to succeed in the future.

Team Mission

Ignite wonder and foster critical thinking by ensuring ALL students engage in hands-on STEAM learning with access to representative role models.


According to the California Employment Development Department, STEM-related occupations (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in the U.S. have an annual wage of nearly $76,000, more than double the salary for wage and hourly workers on the whole. We want to ensure that ALL students in the Bay Area have access to those jobs in the future. 


  • According to Scientific American, studies have found that children in kindergarten are already forming negative views about science; 

  • Most STEM programs in the Bay Area start in middle or high school;

  • Children in California only receive 30-60 minutes of science (most often not hands-on science) a week.  According to a national survey, the average is 22 minutes of science per week in elementary school.

  • The social reproductive nature of schools causes girls to lose interest in STEM early; 

  • Finally, accessible, engaging STEM classes are not available to most underserved communities in the East Bay.

strategic directions

The team formed a set of strategic directions after a consensus workshop asking the question:  “What do we want to see for elementary and middle school children with STEAM EQ in the next 3-5 years?”

  • Professional Development for Classroom Teachers (Priority #1)

  • District Policy to support STEAM EQ classroom instruction (Priority #2)

  • Accessing Applied Knowledge

  • Diversity, Inclusion, & Role Models

  • Culturally Responsive Literacy

  • Family Engagement

  • STEAM Partnerships 


The team chose the strategy of:

Trauma-informed, STEAM-focused, Professional Development for Classroom Teachers as the first priority.

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 To further inform the chosen strategy for the next year, we conducted a survey of community stakeholders (100+ respondents), and conducted community outreach via focus groups, advisory councils, and personal interviews (90+ participants).

View the other strategic directions in this document.

tactical plan

Convene a K-8 STEM Ed Conference “Igniting Wonder,” with representation
from all 9 Bay Area counties.

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Target Population:
Educators in schools or programs who have limited
or no STEAM activities or Maker Spaces.

Respondents had a strong interest in attending a Bay Area K-8 STEM Education Conference. The topics most sought were “Incorporating STEAM into everyday activities in the classroom” and “Developing STEAM Curriculum.”

Many stakeholders are interested in planning, helping facilitate, or presenting at such an event.

Who is this conference for?  Educators in schools or programs who have limited or no STEAM activities or Maker Spaces.  

Our goal is to design post-conference activities to facilitate ongoing communities of practice that will ultimately inform district policies across the nine Bay Area counties to support STEAM education.


This fall, the Get Set A-Team is launching their Call for Community Partners to pilot their tactical plan. We invite you to partner with us.



Team Chairs


E’rika Chambers

Education Consultant



Martin Luther King Jr.
Middle School, SFUSD

Team Representation