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team information

The Go A-Team is comprised of representatives from community based organizations and several school districts around the Bay Area. The team is co-chaired by Courtney Riley, Marcus Foster Institute and Kennan Scott, Computer Science Manager at OUSD. The Go Team was the first team formed in Alignment Bay Area and have evolved as members have branched out to engage with other A-Teams. The team has been meeting monthly since January 2018 to current day (October 2019) .

strategic directions

The team formed a set of strategic directions after a consensus workshop asking the question “What do we want to see for youth in the Bay Area in 3-5 years?”


To further inform the chosen strategy for the next year the team went through a consensus process as well conduct 2 focus groups with high school students to see what need around STEAM equity team members wanted to prioritize for their first tactical plan.

Based on the ideas with the greatest overlap between the adult consensus workshop and students focus groups, the Go A-Team landed on the following strategic direction to focus on in their first tactical plan:

Expanded Options Beyond High School

The tactical plan that emerged from this strategic direction is based around creating a repository of opportunities for hands on learning in STEAM that can can be made widely available to underrepresented and underserved communities in the Bay Area.

View the other strategic directions identified in the consensus workshop.

tactical plan

Create and/or promote a repository of information that would be equitably distributed in underrepresented communities about hands-on learning opportunities to be shared widely with students, families, teachers, and industry partners.

Go Outcome.PNG

Target Population: Underrepresented in STEAM:

  • Low Income 

  • Female

  • Arab

  • LatinX

  • African-American

*Including families and educators of this population


This fall, the Go A-Team is launching their first Invitation to Participate (ITP).

Team Chairs


Courtney Riley

Strategic Relationships Manager,
Marcus Foster
Education Institute


Kennan scott

Manager of Computer Science,
Oakland Unified
School District

Team Representation